January 9, 2013


News, Umrah

As part of the ongoing projects with children at the City of Knowledge Academy, we’ve resolved to take the next step in bringing the students closer to the Beloved of God by means of accompanying them to his Blessed City. By funding their expedition we will be allowing them to partake in a journey that they might not otherwise have the opportunity or means to experience. Now is the optimal time to act in service of these children as they are at an impressionable age and it is imperative that the influences that affect them come from the best of places. Without this, there is a danger that they might succumb to the effects of their current environment and become subsumed by the materialism of the world.

The proposed programme is entirely unprecedented in the whole of the UK. By taking a total of 15 individuals the circumstances will allow for role models to emerge from the group and create an atmosphere of constant betterment. The itinerary for this group will have been pre-planned, with visits to scholars, poetry writing, excursions on mountains, and evaluations that will be used so that each student can identify the benefits and self-improvement achieved due to the visit.

The cost of Umrah for a single child is £1200, the total for 15 would thereby be £18000. This will pay for transport, accommodation, and food for those attending. Providing that sufficient sponsorship is granted, the students will be travelling between the dates of April 13th and April 23rd 2013, with the intention of spending 5 days in each of the two Holy Cities. Your decision in favour of supporting us in our endeavours would undoubtedly be rewarded in this life, as part of each child supplicating upon seeing the Ka’bah for the first time, and the Hereafter. We ask that when you make that decision, you have in mind what is best for the children of the Ummah.