The City of Knowledge Academy is a non-profit organisation registered as a charity in England and Wales at 1137342. We aim to provide traditional Islamic learning to all ages. Our policy is to use modern techniques to serve the presentation of knowledge in a friendly manner. Our conviction is that knowledge can only be truly learnt if it is ‘lived’. So, hence, our motto is ‘to learn it is to live it’.


Since its founding in 2009 in Birmingham, UK, The Academy has offered a broad range of high quality educational programs, conferences, courses, consultaion services, recreational activities and lectures delivered by some of the worlds respected Muslim scholars. By serving Muslims in various areas of life and by addressing some of the most challenging issues of our time, the academy has established a reputation as a pioneering centre to serve Islam and the Muslim.


We seek knowledge from the primary sources of the Quran and Sunnah, as they have been understood and explained by the masters of our tradition through the highly comprehensive and accurate Ijaza system of transmission. The Ijaza system guards against whimsical and baseless thought and opinion. We are a text-based people who have conclusive statements of reference in the primary sources or collective wisdoms in unanimous agreements and analogical derivations of recognised scholars.

Traditional Islamic learning employs the method whereby students are tutored with text and nurtured with care. The teacher-student relationship is like that of the parent-child in love and care, and respect and honour. This sense of loyalty makes it intrinsically incumbent upon the student to in delve deep into the scholarship and spiritual state of the teacher. Once the teacher is confident with the training of the student with absolute loyalty to the tradition itself only then is the student certified.

The City of Knowledge Academy nurtures its students upon the following three principles:

1. Learning the sciences of Islam through un-broken chains of transmission taken from reliable scholars.
2. Practicing knowledge with adopting fine Prophetic character throughout.
3. Teaching and conveying the message in its original form.