Arabic:Language of the Quran

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When the final clouds of darkness shaded over the world, God sent his final demonstration of mercy through the one who was addressed by His statement ‘”And we did not send you but as a mercy for the worlds.” A Messenger who changed the world with waves of merciful generosity and heart-warming wisdom. His pristine message revealed in the Arabic Langiage surged forth throughout every corner of the world setting hearts ablaze with illumination, vision and glory. Every soul that truly contained its marvellous language in order to draw closer to him transformed and every community that loved it and honoured it excelled.


The Arabic:Language of the Quran one year Course is an educational initiative designed by The City of Knowledge Academy. Its purpose is to inculcate a heartfelt love and an intimate relationship with the Quran and the language of the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) with the hope that it will open the keys of comprehension and become a living reality in the lives of individuals and communities. The course is designed to meet the needs and standards of modern learning by providing, a studious environment in a friendly non-discriminative ethos.

The material shall journey through the Quran in order to take jewels from the oceans of its greatness.

This course is both for men & women


This Arabic course is designed for:
• Students with a desire and passion to understand the Quran
• Students who already have some experience in studying Arabic and are looking to enhance their knowledge
• Students who want a “real-life” education delivered by teachers who have lived in the middle east for numerous years
• Ambitious students who are keen to become the future inheritors of the Prophetic Tradition and the true bearers of the Religion


• Shaykh Mohammed Aslam


The course shall begin on Wednesday 7th October 2015 (The course shall be running in accordance to the academic calendar)

The course shall run on every Wednesday – 7pm – 9pm



Students will be expected to purchase their own course related material throughout the duration of the course.


£225 for the entire year

Full payment must be made on the first day of term


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