“To place the needs of the generality of the Muslim community before one’s personal needs” – Shaykh Saalih al-Farfour

The City of Knowledge Academy’s educational philosophy is deeply rooted in an intimate connection with the primary sources of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as they have been explained and conveyed through the highly meticulous Ijaza system. The Ijaza system transcends time and place, in that it ensures a correct understanding of texts and contexts, linking back to the ultimate Bearer of the Divine Message – peace and blessings be upon him-.

Imam Abdullah Ibn al-Mubarak said, ‘The Ijaza system is a unique quality of the Muhammadan community, which was not given to anyone else.’ This puts the Muslims in a fortunate position of being able to ascertain the authenticity of knowledge through rigorous chains of authority, thereby guaranteeing an authentic, unadulterated, and wholesome education.

Another key dimension of the Academy’s ethos is engendering love, loyalty and correct Adab in its students. A key dimension of accompanying teachers in one’s pursuit of knowledge is to take from their states, as well as their statements.

The City of Knowledge Academy, like other such initiatives, endeavours to do its part in reviving and propagating this methodology across the British Isles. The Academy’s tutors are native or near-native English speakers, highly qualified in the sciences of Islam and sincere in wanting to deliver with passion, love and an aspiration to serve.

One of the fundamental aspects of our methodology is the recognition that Muslims in the West, though relatively new, are becoming core members of the social fabric. This brings with it new challenges, as well as opportunities. The Academy aims to provide contextually relevant educational and social programmes which cater for the intellectual and spiritual needs of British Muslims.

The Academy provides its services indiscriminately to all members of the community regardless of race, gender and special needs. Non-Muslims are also warmly welcomed to attend seminars and courses. We believe all human beings have a right to sacred knowledge.