Academy Sponsorship – Just £10 a month!

Just £10 a month can help us run our Academy with its various initiatives; e.g. educating children to read Qur’an with tajwid, learn Arabic and memorise the Qur’an in our Hifz programme to become a Hafiz, in an environment where the children actually look forward to coming to the school thanks to our well trained and experienced teachers who help bring alive what they are teaching, Alhamdulillah.

Academy & School Sponsorship – Just £20 a month!

Just £20 a month helps donate towards paying specifically for the Children of the Qur’an School, including various student specific costs and scholarships to those who are in need for both our children and adults courses without which they would not be able to attend.

Academy, School & Building Sponsorship- Just £30 a month!

Just £30 a month helps donate towards the Academy, the School (as described above) and so it can can invest to maintain its current building and also even more importantly its future property plans as expansion has become the most important next step. With over 100 children on our waiting list to enter the school which is at maximum capacity in its current building and with plans to begin a full-time Islamic school with the Academy’s ethos in the very near future, teaching both the Islamic sciences and National Curriculum subjects to the highest of standards, it is imperative we receive funds towards a suitable building as soon as possible.